It was great to receive an invite to each member of The Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association from Chief Constable of Essex B.J.Harrington to meet him and a date has been made for Tuesday 15th January at Police HQ at 10:30 hrs.
I shall be checking with you who is able to attend as parking will be tight.
Just to advise you again that the Chairman’s Report and meeting’s notes are always published on our website shortly after the meeting with also the details of those who have attended and those who have apologised for their absence.
Can I please request that the dates of the meetings in 2019, which are always shown at the end of the Agenda page be entered in your diaries.
As a reminder 2019 dates are as follows:-
All Tuesdays : January 8th, March 12th, May 14th September 10th and November 12th..
Don’t forget our Annual General Meeting and Conference Wednesday 10th July at The Highwood Village Hall from 12:00 noon.
I have also BOOKED 2020 meeting dates in The Tower Room Millennium Centre ,Great Baddow
as follows:-
All Tuesdays : January 14th , March 10th , May 12th September 8th and also November 10th

a. Moved to London.
Their administration offices have now moved to Unit 18, 8th Floor, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London SE1 7NQ. Their email addresses and telephone numbers have remained the same.
Sadly many of my “old” contacts have left but I do keep in regular contact with John Haywood-Cripps Chief Executive Officer on your behalf.
I hope to have a one to one meeting with him on any of OUR issues in the months ahead in their new offices.
b. Next update meeting
As you know I attended their AGM last August and there is another meeting on Thursday 14th March in West Brompton at which there will be an update of the “The Strategy Plan” .
It is important to note that we have not yet been asked to action anything so far as regards this “Plan”. If anyone is keen to attend to represent us in March please let me know but I may attend again.
c. Newsletter Page 14.
If you receive their current newsletter you may have read up to page 14 and see what has been happening in Counties in the UK . I am delighted to advise you that they have included some activities in Essex and sadly yes a photograph of me. In fact I received an email from their Chief Executive saying “It is great news and further shows how good Essex Neighbourhood Watch is”. This comment is very welcome especially as it is all of YOU and your members/groups who work so hard maintaining Neighbourhood Watch in your Districts!
d. Amazon and Neighbourhood Watch
Sue Taylor ( Epping Forest) has sent me an email that show links to Amazon where they are selling Neighbourhood Watch items and recently a group locally to her was “formed” with such items.
However Sue has been in touch with that Group and they are now communicating with her directly. In the meantime I have forwarded her email to National Neighbourhood Watch as we both feel that Amazon should not be promoting any Neighbourhood Watch items as they should be purchased from registered Groups and of course ourselves.
I am waiting on a reply ( which the Chief Executive has personally acknowledged) .
e. Window stickers :
As I said in our last meeting they do not have any more in stock for the moment.
So if you need any urgently you will have to purchase them.
f. Members Guide books:
I can say that they are very interested in our creating our own Members Guide and have said that it is a great idea. They still cannot advise me of their plans to issue any new Members Guides.
g. Registration of “members” :
As you know I had an agreement with them that IF anyone who registers their NW memberships with National Neighbourhood Watch from Essex that the person(s) will be advised to contact Essex County NW Association to have their registration confirmed.
There has been little progress in seeing this message actually being set up on their Alert system.
This is due to their current supplier not willing to do any work until a new contract has been signed. Their supplier , Visav , has been aware of our required changes for many months and basically have refused to action them and indeed have sent me rather aggressive emails saying they see no need to action the extra wording despite an agreement with National Neighbourhood Watch and ourselves. These emails I have forwarded to John Haywood -Cripps . I declined to reply to Visav.
In my opinion? Well I have expressed this in an email to National Neighbourhood Watch.
In the meantime I shall continue to look at their membership database and advise you of any new names which have been “registered” for you to action appropriately.
However this is not the best solution as those who are “on the register” may feel that they are “registered “ members without any approval by our District Co-ordinators who support any local Neighbourhood Watch groups with finance and Neighbourhood Watch items.
h. Deletion of “Neighbourhood Watch members”.
I can advise you that I have had at least eight people deleted from the National Neighbourhood Watch Alert Databases as they were people who have resigned as Co-ordinators or members or have moved away from their area eg: Braintree. Indeed I have also sent a note to my Witham’s Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator as I have seen twenty nine new members in the past six months or so and they will be contacted. I saw their names on the Alert database as I have access as Chairman of ECNWA which I have mentioned on a number of occasions.
If you want me to advise you of new names on the database in your District the offer still stands.
(Since the meeting I have been able to assist Basildon to search for people who were involved with Neighbourhood Watch and this has helped that District resolve a few queries).

I have invited new Chief Officer J. Turton to our AGM/Conference in July next year.
I am delighted to say that we have signed a Partnership Agreement which means that we can now work together to distribute their services and information and they will do the same for us.

I attended Thursday 11th October however I am unable to make the next two meetings on 8th November and 6th December. I shall send a report and will ask how we may be able to assist regarding “County Lines” and the selling of drugs in the community.

The three Districts that wanted them have had them delivered and I decided that it would NOT go through our books. This was easier when there are so few orders and each District paid directly. The supplier was brilliant as I had them delivered to many different addresses and the quality was superb.

You will remember that I said at the last meeting that you should ensure your Deputies know what you have as a database as a back up on what each District Co-ordinator holds on their files.
I also feel it is very important that each District has a “Succession plan” to find someone to cover for District NW Co-ordinators and their Deputies.
In recent weeks some of you have not been available to handle enquiries or even reply to my emails - and your Deputies too ( for many different reasons). So would it not be a good idea to set in motion a plan for “cover” for unexpected occasions when no one has been able to “take over” and reply to any requests for actions?

I hope to have a box of 200 in my car. So if anyone would like some please can you let me know and I can hand them to you after the meeting. After the meeting I now have 100 left.

We held the sub committee meeting and as you have read in my email we are now seeking for more ideas for pages in the guide from you . I have also written to all our Partners to ask them for a contribution on articles with a deadline of 25th November.
This deadline is aimed to have the guide completed by the end of November in a format to obtain quotes from printers. Once the quotes are received I shall then ask each District how many they need to purchase. It will also be in a format to email too.

I sent a letter to Geoff a letter to update him on our actions since our Annual General Meeting. He phoned me to say how much he appreciated receiving the letter and I told him that we never forget what he has achieved. He was delighted to hear that and sends his best wishes to everyone who knows him.

May I thank each of you for your contributions only one District has yet to send me any information and the replies have been interesting and appreciated as my meeting is in just over a week’s time . At the meeting it was agreed that all the replies will be send to our Website to be sated in each District!

I have been contacted by Steve Blows who ,with James Calnan ( Communication and Digital Engagement Manager), represent Greenfields and are keen to raise the profile of Neighbourhood Watch throughout Essex .
I have proposed that I have a meeting with them to discuss the strategy. I am keen that they do not just promote what we do without understanding our Code of Ethics as well as how we create groups. A date is being agreed soon.
Clive Stewart, Chairman,
Essex County NW Association
Tuesday 6th November 2018