We have started a pilot project where we are auditing two areas in the Borough to establish the true
state of "live" NhW schemes. All Co-ordinators in Pitsea South East and Billericay have been
contacted with a view to establishing whether crime reports are being received and passed on to
members together with member numbers. The audit will be done on 31st March when all replies are
analysed .
We continue to attend and support the Together For Safer Communities meetings held throughout
the Borough. This is a Basildon Council led initiative which is now in its third year. At the end of each
meeting security related items are distributed free of charge to those attending.
Basildon along with Colchester and Epping districts formed a sub committee to look into the
management of NhW Facebook Groups. Our report and recommendations were distributed to all
District Co-ordinators for discussion at the meeting of 10th March.
We have been in dialogue with Essex Highways on the subject of NhW groups applying for
permission to place our signage on lighting columns which are maintained by Highways throughout
the County. There appeared to be a lack of consistency with applications from various districts being
sent to different sections of Highways or in some cases not being sent and using locally agreed
practices. We invited a Network Assurance Officer from Highways to attend our meeting and give a
presentation on what procedures should be adopted so that we all follow an uniform approach. This
in principle should give us a better and quicker service in relation to placing our signs in new watch
Clive Woodward
Chair, Basildon Borough Neighbourhood Watch