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Braintree District has a very active Neighbourhood Watch, with frequent events and initiatives all aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime throughout the district.
Braintree District NW distributes FREE Window stickers, wheelie bin stickers, street signs, pens, and new NW Guide books. We issue a six monthly NW Newsletter called Watchword  to 8,500 households on paper and by email. Here is the last one: Page 1  Page 2
We are determined to reduce the opportunity of crime in Braintree District so if you would like to assist or just want information, please send an email to Clive Stewart, our Chairman on [email protected]

Our last Annual General Meeting was held Monday 4th June 2018
Click to have a look at the Chairman's report to the meeting and the minutes of the meeting

We have volunteered to participate in "Active Citizens" which is distributing crime prevention information throughout Braintree District accompanied by Essex Police. If you would like more information contact Clive Stewart, Chairman. Active citizens are also beginning to get involved in a variety of roles to help the police such as the Restorative Justice programme

Our hard working chairman, Clive also chairs the meetings of the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association, That means that he has to write a report of Braintree's recent activities  for the Assoication meeting.Clive also shares the Essex Association's role in liaising with the National Neighbourhood Watch team.

In Braintree District we now have a volunteer NW member who received reports from Essex Police and sent out messages on ECM (Essex Community Messaging). ECM is currently under review but If anyone would like such messages are still being sent, please email Clive Stewart .

Rural Crime Day

We recently joined forces with other district members to promote Neighbourhood Watch at the Essex Police Rural Crime Day at Slamsleys Farm, Great Notley. The photo shows Clive  Stewart togther with Graham Brine (Braintree) , Roger Passfield ( Thurrock NW) and Jean Hastings (Greenstead Green) who part of a team of eight ran the stand. Thanks also to Nadine Rudd (Witham), Mandy Marshall (Coggeshall) , Derrick Giffin (Uttlesford) Celia Shute ( Braintree) who were present on the day but are not in the picture ..

Rural Crime Day Photo

Weekly Newsletters

Anyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch in Braintree District who would like
to receive a weekly Newsletter please send your name and address and postal code to
[email protected]

Please also state very clearly the Neighbourhood Watch Group of which you are a member.

The Witham Team

Within Braintree District, the Witham team are particularly active. In particular they run an active Facebook closed user group to help inform and co-ordinate the activities of local Neighbourhood Watch members.
Here are Nadine Rudd and Tina Townsend , Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Witham giving out Neighbourhood Watch items during week last 14th May. They managed to hand out over 100 Purse bells as there had been too many "Thefts from persons" recently in Witham.

Tina was declared winner of Braintree District Volunteer Awards under Inspirational Role Model 2018.This is a tremendous boost not only for Tina but also for Neighbourhood Watch in Witham. Clive Stewart ,Chairman, Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch was delighted to congratulate Tina for all her actions within the community ( not only Neighbourhood Watch) and the recognition on receiving this award


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Notes from the Last Newsletter


Clive Stewart, Chairman, was requested by Braintree Police to have a list of all Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and he sent an email to over 120 Co-ordinators. Over 50% agreed to have their personal contact details advised to Braintree Police. The response was excellent as those who agreed also added their coverage in distributing information.


Clive Stewart has discovered that the previous Chairman ( over nine years ago) had not asked for his details as contact for Neighbourhood Watch in Braintree to be deleted. It took some weeks to resolve but the Help Desk on National NW’s website supplier, Visav, was extremely helpful and it has been sorted.

Any person who has registered with National Neighbourhood Watch for their Alert newsletter and stated that they are a Neighbourhood Watch member in Braintree District are told that they MUST contact the Chairman of Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association so that they will be contacted by myself to give them support in creating their local groups.


It is hoped that Braintree Police can persuade Braintree District to join in sharing the costs of Neighbourhood Watch Street signs. CBS has a list of over fifty street signs that are requested by Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators.


Sadly some people have accessed the information of the weekly newsletter from Essex County NW Association website under Braintree District. They have been using it to promote a vigilante group who state that they receive this information from Essex Police.

CBS has therefore decided not to send it to the website and has added a message to say that if anyone would like the weekly newsletter they must contact Braintree District NW Steering Group with their contact details and their Neighbourhood Watch Group.

The next meeting of the Steering Group is Monday 29th April.

Clive Stewart, Chairman & Treasurer
Braintree District NW Steering Group