Brentwood Area Neighbourhood Watch

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Brentwood Area NhW is the umbrella organisation for local ‘Watches’ that have been established in various parts of the Borough. It represents them at Community Safety Partnership meetings with Brentwood Council, the Police, Essex Fire & Rescue and other such bodies. It also represents them at Essex County NhW meetings as well as appearing at various Community days in its own right to promote Brentwood NhW as a whole.

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We encourage everyone in the area to join us, free of charge, and to sign up to our mailing lists to receive advice on scams, personal safety and how to protect belongings and home from the increasingly craftier criminals. By circulating crime reports , advice and warnings we receive from various Authorities, we get everyone to take the best possible care of themselves and their property.

 Some 'Watches' also support their communities by running Speedwatch activities.We liaise with the Police at meetings, by email and by telephone, letting them guide us, whilst we press them with details of problems that need to be tackled. One local ‘Watch’ has for the past few years also been running a Junior section in conjunction with the Police and a local Junior School. This work has been so well received it is now included in the official PHSE curriculum for the Children at that School. There is no fee or any charge whatsoever for becoming a member of Brentwood NhW.

The main point of contact is Peter Salmon, e-mail : [email protected]