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The association meets about every two months to liaiase with the police, discuss new initiatives and receive brief reports from every district about their latest activities and challenges.

May 2019


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March 2019

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January 2019

As the editor of this website but without any direct district responsibility, I am frequently impressed with the amount of hard work and ingenuity of the district teams. There is a lot more good work going on than I managed to get down here, so apologies to any district co-ordinators who spot that I missed something important that they said.

The Rochford team have now moved to the police station at Castle Point. They report that it is nice to be amongst the police and so kept more up-to date than would otherwise be possible, but there is more administration to do to get fully settled in.
They have been given £200 from Rochford Council for signage to help identify the team’s location.


Colchester have again been very active despite changes in team members. The link to a detailed report is in their district page, here.


Uttlesford also submitted a report for their page of the website. It is here. They also reported some notable successes by the police in arresting a family of 13 who had done many burglaries across a wide area including Cambridge and Uttlesford. Also the recovery of tools stolen from 24 van break-ins within two days after help from the public.

Regrettably althoug one Council had found funds for two additional Police Officers, the Police had been unable to fund the resources to put them in post.

Nevertheless, Uttlesford are glad to see a small increase in police presence as they have great problems with hare coursing and farm thefts.


Epping reported that, sadly their Chair had resigned and they had no obvious replacement candidate who wanted to do more than just chair meetings. Their committee of five will meet to plan a way forward.

They have 500 street signs to install – no mean feat!


Harlow were pleased to report an increase in members. Their full district report is here.


Southend reported that membership numbers are going up, but they were having difficulty keeping track of members following a computer problem.Southend’s chairman had attended one of Rochford’s meetings with the PFCC and had been impressed by the work being carried out on drug taking in Canvey by the community there. Lack of police cover over a large area is very much a concern, however.


Basildon were busy as ever, with several new groups created. However, they reported that they were having to replaceup to 50 street signs which were beginning to fail due to weathering. Mostly the boards themselves were snapping with no sign of vandalism. This provoked a discussion about sign types, with Southend reporting that they had experienced cable ties failing but the boards remaining useable when replaced. Southend’s signs cost £4 each.


Thurrock reported receiving valuable sponsorship for signage. Also useful breakfast meeting with Thurrock Council, four members of which are already Neighbourhood Watch members. They are hoping to refill their stock of window stickers by buying spares from Southend.

There were no members present from Castle Point, Chelmsford, Maldon or Tendring this time, and I missed the report from Braintree (Sorry!)

Peter Fisk