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The association meets about every two months to liaiase with the police, discuss new initiatives and plan future activities. Attendees are encouraged to submit brief reports about their latest activities and challenges. Any such written reports are linked here and attached to the corresponding district's own page, but there are some rough notes of events and activities for some districts below.

January 2020


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November 2019


Basildon reported on a "pop-up" event in conjunction with Safer Basildon and the Police. It focussed particularly on Crime Prevention with a range of related articles being given away at the end.
They have also been working particularly on knife crime awareness, and regarding car theft,  bought 250 Faraday pouches for resale at £4 which is much cheaper than on the High Street.

A Basildon Town special event takes place on 28th November to celebrate the town being 70 years old. Basildon Council have selected 70 individuals/organisations as “Heroes” and Clive Woodward was chosen to represent NHW as one of the 70 individuals/ organisations selected. Basildon NHW have also been given £3000 by Basildon Council toward street signs thanks to some work by Kevin Blake.

Previously, Basildon reported several new groups created. they had also reported that they were having to replace up to 50 street signs which were beginning to fail due to weathering.


Braintree submitted a report which is now attached to their district page. Here are some of the points in it.

Clive Stewart has prepared six large posters in response to a request from Halstead.
Bulmer Parish Council have kindly donated £50

One of the Braintree co-ordinators has found Essex highways to be extremely helpful about the positioning of street signs. He reports that they can now be contacted on [email protected]

For the full detail, go to the report


The Brentwood team has been busy as usual.  Peter Salmon reports that he has held seven advice sessions in locations such as libraries and the Community hospita . He gave a talk to Brentwood Age Concern alongside our EWLO Paul Harris. He also had a table at two CVS Community Coffee Mornings and arranged at one of them for a CPR demonstration to be given.
The team were also involved in events for E.D.W.A.R.D day, Rural Crime Awareness Week and  Hate Crime Awareness Week, working closely with local police officers, the local Community Safety Partnership
Other meetings attended Crimestoppers(notes sent to Colleagues) and various LCM’s


(To be added)


A link to a detailed report to the January 2020 meeting is in their district page, here.

At the November 2019 meeting Colchester reported that they have again been very active despite changes in team members.
They have launched three small schemes and now have 3940 members
They have had a useful meeting with their Police Inspector and have put in a lot of effort planning for the continuation of their website now that Essexinfo is closing the free web hosting service that they use.
(Editor's note - some of this work carried out by Grahame and that by other Essexinfo users now seems to have been unnecessary as an easy transfer to an alternative free host has been offered)



Epping reported previously that their Chair had resigned and they had no obvious replacement candidate who wanted to do more than just chair meetings. Nevertheless, the  management team of five have now revised their Constitution and held an AGM for the first time in five years.
The team now has a Membership Secretary, and plan to get a laptop computer to hold all NHW contact information.
They plan to cascade police reports via membership.
They have also worked to integrate several informal local groups and make their members NHW members. with full access to literature and support.

They have 500 street signs to install – no mean feat!


the Harlow team has clearly been very busy with a lot of useful meetings. These include local police, Safer Harlow Partnership, a local councillor, residents associations, and, of course, their own commitee. A full report is here.

The Rochford team moved to the police station at Castle Point some months back. They reported that it is nice to be amongst the police and so kept more up-to date than would otherwise be possible, but there was more administration to do to get fully settled in. Nevertheless, they have been out tagging bikes on Canvey, helping out in the absence of other NHW activity in Castle Point district,.
RABS held an AGM.
It was previously reported that they have been given £200 from Rochford Council for signage to help identify the team’s location. The order for this is now in.


Southend is currently having problems due to team illness. Previously they reported that membership numbers are going up, but they were having difficulty keeping track of members following a computer problem. Southend’s chairman had attended one of Rochford’s meetings with the PFCC and had been impressed by the work being carried out on drug taking in Canvey by the community there. Lack of police cover over a large area is very much a concern, however.


Tendring NW  sent in a whole page of information following the November 2019 meeting, and this is accessible via one click from the Tendring page.
They have clearly had a useful meeting with the local Police Commander and are clearly working hard to expand membership for all residents of Tendring. Tendring is a big area, and the team are trying to make sure, for example, that members from Harwich have access to local meetings, rather than having to travel to Clacton.

Their biggest problem is finding volunteers to help out with local events.


The Chairman from Thurrock was absent due to illness this time but thurrock had previously reported receiving valuable sponsorship for signage. Also a useful breakfast meeting with Thurrock Council, four members of which are already Neighbourhood Watch members. They were hoping to refill their stock of window stickers by buying spares from Southend.


Uttlesford also submitted a report for their page of the website ater the November 2019 meeting. Most of its contents are duplicated below.

The report mentioned their support  through the year for various roadshows, working with Uttlesford District Council, Essex police and Fire Service and other partners. The events included The Armed Forces Day; Safe Well Secure three day event visiting 400 homes in Stansted with advice; a three day UDC event at Gt Chesterford; A rural Information Day at Henham.
They also had stands at Newport fete; the Countess of Warwick two day show at Lt Easton; Birchanger Fete and Dunmow Carnival.

Members regulary attend Coffee with the Cops events and Drinks with Community Links. These help them to get get to know the newPolice recruits and help them to interact with the locals.
They have started up two noew Watch Areas, at Ashdon abd Hempsted.
They produced their second Watch News and distributed 10, 000 copies. They now plan to be giving out safety advice and asking people to be mindful of elderly neighbours.

Previously they reported some notable successes by the police in arresting a family of 13 who had done many burglaries across a wide area including Cambridge and Uttlesford. Also the recovery of tools stolen from 24 van break-ins within two days after help from the public.

Regrettably although one Council had found funds for two additional Police Officers, the Police had been unable to fund the resources to put them in post.

Nevertheless, Uttlesford are glad to see a small increase in police presence as they have great problems with hare coursing and farm thefts.