Across the Districts

h.The Neighbourhood Watch Districts for Essex coincide with the Police Districts as shown on this map. The profile for each NHW district is shown below. This is currently work in progress and profiles of each district will be progressively published

Basildon Borough Neighbourhood Watch is the overarching organisation for local Neighbourhood Watch schemes/watches that have been set up in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford and other parts of the Borough. Oversight is provided by a Steering Committee which represents them at Community Partnership meetings with Basildon Council, Essex Police and other such bodies. It also represents them at Essex County Executive level meetings and supports Community fundraising days to promote Basildon Neighbourhood Watch The Steering Committee seeks financial support to pursue their objectives from any source deemed to be appropriate.

The Steering Committee encourages the development of existing schemes and the creation of new schemes within the Borough by offering a support service for anyone wishing to set up a new Watch Scheme. We are able to supply the necessary materials to set up new groups such as street signs and literature along with advice and guidance.
Through the various “Watches” we actively encourage residents of the Borough to join free of charge their local watch scheme. We are also looking to substantially increase the number of schemes in certain of the Borough’s Wards which currently have little Neighbourhood Watch representation.

If you wish to know more about joining a scheme whether as a member or a Street Coordinator within the Basildon Borough please contact [email protected]  or call 07984101089

Basildon Borough Neighbourhood Watch will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 10th June 2016. For further details please contact [email protected] 

For 2014 AGM chairman's report click here For Strategy & Priorities 2014-15 click here



 At the AGM in May 2016 we elected the following to our Steering Group:-


Clive Stewart, email: [email protected]


Ian Johnson,


Judy Hill, Mandy Marshall, June & Keith Allen, Moia Thorogood, Sheila Steer, Malcom Mason

Karen Brown, Andrew Hensman, Brian Farren, Derek Vanstone and Jean Hastings.

We are always looking for people to join our Steering Group so if interested write to Clive Stewart.


In Braintree District we now have a volunteer NW member who receives reports from Essex Police and sends out message son ECM (Essex Community Messaging). If anyone would like these messages write again to Clive Stewart.

Also we have volunteered to participate in Active Citizens which is distributing crime prevention information throughout Braintree District accompanied by Essex Police. If you would like more information contact Clive Stewart, Chairman.

 Braintree District NW distributes FREE Window stickers, street signs, pens, and new NW Guide books.

There is also a six monthly NW Newsletter called Watchword and is distributed to 8,500 but is also available by email.

 We are determined to reduce the opportunity of crime in Braintree District so if you would like to assist or just want information send an email to Clive Stewart, Chairman.


Brentwood Area NhW is the umbrella organisation for local ‘Watches’ that have been established in various parts of the Borough. It represents them at Community Safety Partnership meetings with Brentwood Council, the Police, Essex Fire & Rescue and other such bodies. It also represents them at Essex County NhW meetings as well as appearing at various Community days in its own right to promote Brentwood NhW as a whole.

Our web pages are within

We encourage everyone in the area to join us, free of charge, and to sign up to our mailing lists to receive advice on scams, personal safety and how to protect belongings and home from the increasingly craftier criminals. By circulating crime reports , advice and warnings we receive from various Authorities, we  get everyone to take the best possible care of themselves and their property. Some 'Watches' also support their communities by running Speedwatch activities.
We liaise with the Police at meetings, by email and by telephone, letting them guide us, whilst we press them with details of problems that need to be tackled. One local ‘Watch’ has for the past few years also been running a Junior section in conjunction with the Police and a local Junior School. This work has been so well received it is now included in the official PHSE curriculum for the Children at that School. There is no fee or any charge whatsoever for becoming a member of Brentwood NhW. The main point of contact is Peter Salmon, e-mail : [email protected]


We are Castle Point District NHW and unusual in the county having a shared office with Rochford District NHW in Rayleigh Police Station which is managed on weekday mornings by a dedicated team of volunteers. This core team comprise a Chairman, Treasurer and Recruitment Secretary who administer the group and work closely with the Essex Watch Liaison Officer and Crime Prevention Officer who conveniently work in an adjacent office.

On a daily basis they receive the crime statistics for the area and ring out to any relevant Street Co-ordinator should there have been a burglary or vehicle crime in their area. At these times we ask them for extra vigilance and to report anything they may have observed. We also produce a regular Newsletter that is distributed by our street coordinators to some 15000 households and can also be accessed on line. Always looking to increase the coverage of NHW in Castle Point district we support as many local events as possible to promote NHW where we give out purse straps and bells, plus literature on the latest scams and crime trends as a means of engaging with the public.

The core team are helped and work closely with the Castle Point Crime and Disorder Partnership on other initiatives and can be contacted at:
The Neighbourhood Watch Office, Rayleigh Police Station, 119 High Street, Rayleigh, SS6 7QB 24 hour direct line - 01268 770519. See 'Links' page for website


CHELMSFORD NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH For information on the area covered by Chelmsford, please go to The points of contact for enquiries are as follows

[email protected] or [email protected]



Grahame Stehle who is the Chairman, Phillip Edwards, who is Treasurer and Clive Bass the Secretary work closely together to administer Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch.

 Our role is to help community minded people to set up Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and then to encourage members to join. We are always looking for volunteers to set up and coordinate schemes and we make this process as simple and non-taxing as we can.

 The purpose of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is to encourage and help members take every precaution to ensure personal safety and to keep their home and possessions secure. Also to watch out for neighbours and other members of the community and to help the police know about suspicious activity and actual crimes that are taking place.

 Members receive crime prevention advice and warnings about criminal activity in their locality. We supply Street Signs and Window Stickers and also have a range of security products that we sell at very competitive prices. We can attend community events and gatherings and are always pleased to speak about Neighbourhood Watch at these events.

We invite enquiries about membership of Neighbourhood Watch and also how to get new schemes off the ground.

You can make contact with us by sending an email to [email protected]



The Epping Forest Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group Committee is made up of experienced Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who believe Neighbourhood Watch has three main tasks.
1.  To ensure as many people as possible are aware of the basic security precautions necessary to keep themselves and their property safe.
2. To inform them of any recent crimes that have taken place in their area so they can be on their guard.
3. To act as the eyes and ears of the Police, drawing their attention to any suspicious activities or crimes taking place in their areas.

The Committee aims to inform as many Epping Forest District residents as possible of the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch membership and to encourage the creation of new Groups where possible.  We are also keen to offer help and assistance to any existing groups where necessary.

If anyone in the Epping Forest District would like to know more about Neighbourhood Watch
our contact details are shown below.

  We are able to supply all that is necessary to set up new groups, door and street signs, literature etc. along with advice and guidance. 

Sue Taylor:  Deputy Chair:   

Bryn Elliot :        Secretary:             07778296650  

Email: [email protected]         




Harlow Neighbourhood Watch HNW, like other Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the country, aims to harness the willingness of local people to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community. This activity helps the police and other official bodies to minimise crime and anti-social activity.

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch cannot solve these local crimes or catch the bogus callers preying on the elderly and the vulnerable. We, as responsible people have to take part ownership of keeping a look out for suspicious activity in the area where we live and liaise through the communication system of HNW, or with your local Police Community Support Officers, with the Harlow Police teams.

In addition to its members acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, Harlow Neighbourhood Watch also aims to promote positive activities for young people in the town. So Harlow Neighbourhood Watch set up the ‘Harlow Baseball Project’, with the aim of getting young people in the area to learn and play baseball.

You can register your interest to become a volunteer member of Harlow Neighbourhood Watch. We will assist you in a number of ways to become the eyes and ears of your local neighbourhood by helping you build a team of volunteers in your area. We have every confidence that by working together, as a team in partnership with our Community Policing Teams, we can make a difference.
Harlow Neighbourhood Watch has a dedicated telephone number to receive important, confidential information that you may want to pass onto the Police through us as an option to using the crime stoppers free phone number or calling the Police. 07546 293072(24 hours).  Harlow NW website


Our area covered is quite extensive as we cover from Maldon to Burnham-on-Crouch and the rest of the Dengie peninsular. We have an executive committee which meets bi-monthly at Maldon District Council Offices and comprises the Officers and local co-ordinators.  Representatives of the Police and local Crime & Safety Partnership also attend so communications and issues to be resolved are usually quickly and directly dealt with.

Members are involved with our local CSP meetings and we send representatives to appropriate events to promote NHW and recruit new members/watches.  

There are two main points of contact:- 
1) Mike Rees (Chairman) on 01621-854974
2) Ali Burlington (Maldon District Council CSP) on 01621-854477

Our district is looking to substantially increase the number of Watches over the next twelve months, so if you are interested in becoming a co-ordinator or just an 'interested party', please contact us and we will get back to you.  Maldon Website


We are Rochford District NHW and unusual in the county having an office in Rayleigh Police Station which is managed on weekday mornings by a dedicated team of volunteers. This core team comprise a Chairman, Treasurer and Recruitment Secretary who administer the group and work closely with the Essex Watch Liaison Officer and Crime Prevention Officer who conveniently work in an adjacent office.

On a daily basis they receive the crime statistics for the area and ring out to any relevant Street Co-ordinator should there have been a burglary or vehicle crime in their area when we ask for extra vigilance or give them warning of current local crime trends.
We also produce a quarterly Newsletter that is distributed by our street coordinators to some 5000 households and can also be accessed on line.

 Always looking to increase the coverage of NHW in Rochford district we  support as many local events as possible to promote NHW where we give out purse straps and bells, plus literature on the latest scams and crime trends as a means of engaging with the public.
Other initiatives include distribution of Message in Bottle units and Immobitag Cycle tagging events which identify individual cycles to their owner for return should they be stolen and subsequently recovered.
Our contact details are:
Neighbourhood Watch Office, Rayleigh Police Station, 119 High Street, Rayleigh, SS6 7QB          24 hour direct line - 01268 770519
Web Address - For Facebook page see  for details


Neighbourhood Watch has been running in Southend since 1985 and covers all seventeen electoral wards. The Borough is the most densely populated one outside London accordingly, the borough as a whole has some specific issues. We have seven miles of coastline.
Neighbourhood Watch in Southend works very closely with our local Neighbourhood Policing teams, the Community Safety Partnership and Southend’s antisocial behaviour team with a view to making Southend and even safer place to live and work.

The day-to-day running of Neighbourhood Watch us undertaken by a Neighbourhood Watch Administrator who reports to an executive committee comprising key co-ordinators with extensive experience of running Neighbourhood Watch across the Borough.  The executive meets on a quarterly basis

In addition to the conventional NHW schemes we also boast a Park Watch scheme covering all 44 parks and open spaces together with our 5 cemeteries; a Foreshore Watch which caters for the needs of yacht club members and works cross border with Rochford an Castle Point Yacht clubs; an Allotment Watch scheme and Dog Watch – a new initiative designed to work with responsible dog owners with a view to educating the less responsible ones. We run the Message in a Bottle and also Nominated Neighbour schemes

To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch in Southend call 01702 420234  or

email: [email protected]


The Tendring District is in the North East of Essex, approximately 130 square miles in size with a population of 138,300 (2012), it has 60 km of coastline. It extends from the River Stour in the north, to the coast and the River Colne in the south, with the coast to the east and the town of Colchester to the west. Towns in the district include, Clacton on Sea, Frinton on Sea, Walton on the Naze, Brightlingsea and Harwich. Large villages in the district include St Osyth and Great Bentley.

Neighbourhood Watch was set up in the district in 1982 by Gerald WallingtonHayes MBE who along with Police Sergeant Woods set the ball rolling. In recent years membership has fallen away but with a new steering group numbers are on the rise and there appears to be a keenness to join which has never been seen before.

At 1 in 3, the district has the highest proportion of pensioners in the East of England and this gives rise to the greater risk of them being targeted as vulnerable people likely to succumb to rogue traders and to this end we spend a lot of our time, through our coordinators making sure all are aware of the scams and cold calling prevalent in the district. Due to the demise of the local Crime Prevention Panel more onus has been placed on us in that regard.

As in line with other districts, we do not charge to join NHW and give every assistance and the tools to new coordinators to get their schemes started. We have our own Facebook group and website where members can comment or post warnings.All online members and our partners receive a weekly newsletter from the Chairman. We rely on our coordinators to cascade this newsletter to their scheme members as they see fit

Recent Events

A packed quarterly meeting on 13 October saw two members of the Clacton RNLI gave the members a very interesting
presentation, visual and hands on of the work and equipment used today and in the past. Our local Inspector Julia Finch
also brought the meeting up to date with current policing trends in Tendring. Our next meeting in December is our
Christmas social evening where we supply a fish & chip supper and it gives members a chance to mingle and meet each
other outside a formal meeting setting.

On 18 October we attended the Clacton Carnival Presentation ceremony where we were presented with a cheque for £75
for the assistance given by NHW members in Carnival Week.

26 October was the first Community Hub Partnership meeting that NHW has ever attended and it was no surprise that I
knew most of the people there. This is definitely a step forward in raising the profile of NHW. The second was attended last

31 October was “A Day of Action” in Clacton Town Centre where we shared a stall with the Community Safety Team. This
involved, Police, Essex Fire & Rescue and Mental Health.

On 16 November due to the high incidence of burglaries happening in the Harwich area a local councillor called a public
meeting where residents could raise their concerns and hear from Essex Police the steps being taken. I shared the platform
with the District Commander, P.S. from the Community Hub, Deputy PCC, Crimestoppers and the constituency assistant to
the local MP.
After the meeting I was approached by 8 persons who showed an interest in becoming street coordinators, so far only one
has been in contact and has been trained and in post. With the assistance of the Community Team three streets in Harwich
were targeted with NHW promo material but so far there has been no uptake.
The four persons believed involved in these burglaries have been arrested and charged with numerous offences and have
been remanded in custody.

We can be contacted at [email protected]

John Wright Chairman/ District Coordinator Tendring NHW


Some facts about our area will show the problems that we face in running Thurrock NHW, with a population of 238,000 residents with a high male rate of around 2 to one, a fast growing young family catchment area of Chafford Hundred, the vast growing shopping facilities at Lakeside, the Tilbury docks and the new Container project, the building of 20,000 new homes and the M25 all add up to a recipe for potential crime.

We have 20 wards in Thurrock and our Watches are run along side the wards.   The Watches are controlled by a Steering group that meets once a month.  We have joint use of a Police Liaison Officer, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer. Secretary, Fund raiser and a standing committee of 7.  In the current year we have formed around 40 new watches and attend many events run by the Community and awareness day at the local supermarkets.  We have been recently asked to be involved in an awareness project with the Essex Fire Safety Team at Grays Fire Station.  We are also heavily involved in supporting local elderly resident’s complexes.

We are very keen to recruit more Street Coordinators in the very versatile and expanding borough.

Vice Chair; George Young – [email protected]
Events : Roger Passfield – [email protected]


Uttlesford is situated in the North West corner of Essex and borders both Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. With a population of 70,000 the major towns are Saffron Walden and Great Dunmow, along with Thaxted and Stansted (including the major international airport). The area is mainly rural, but there are good communication links by way of the M11 and the Cambridge to Liverpool Street rail line.
The District is a low crime area and much of the more serious criminal activity is imported using these communication links. It is the mission of Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch to ensure that it stays that way.
We set up a District Steering Group in 2004 to bring together the many local Co-ordinators who, up to that time, operated a number of separate Schemes but without any support and direction. This proved to be turning point and Uttlesford now has the highest coverage of NhW Schemes in the County, with 40% of homes covered. During that time, the level of crime has been reduced through a weekly messaging system and by encouraging NhW members to report any concerns in a timely manner. The Steering comprises members from the seven Neighbourhood Policing areas, and we regularly support public events and arrange property marking sessions across the District. As well as providing advice, we also offer a range of home security products which are approved by the police and are available at competitive prices by checking out the Security Shop on the website.
We work closely with the Police and other partners within the Community Safety Partnership where we have represented the voluntary sector for a number of years.
If you are interested in setting up a NhW Scheme where you live, or want to get involved with your local Scheme, please get in touch with us using the contacts shown below;
Chairman: Alan Johnson
[email protected]
Vice Chairman: Graham Jackson
[email protected] 
Webmaster: Hussain Shaida
[email protected]











  • Following clarifiation that we should no longer attend the fortnightly District Tasking Meetings, we will shortly begin attending the Uttlesford Hub meetings which are designated JAG, as a means of contributing to the prevention and detection of ‘traditional’ crime. This meetings are held on the District Council offices in Saffron Walden, but will transfer to the new Police Station when this is opened in the new year. In the meantime, our CPT is operating out of the former police station in Great Dunmow, but this will transfer to Saffron Walden in due course.


  • In line with the PCC’s direction, we are seeing a greater police presence across the district, but this has yet to have any impact on the public perception of a declining service. In order to support our local police, we are asking our members to provide their views on police performance relating to the 999/101 service and the quality of response to incidents.


  • A public meeting arranged by the PCC scheduled for 8th December has been cancelled and will be re-arranged for early February.


  • We have supported two Winter Warmers events in October and November in Great Dunmow and Saffron Walden. These were aimed at elderly and vulnerable people, and were organised jointly by Uttlesford District Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. The level of attendance was reasonable, and their future will reviewed at the next CSP meeting on 8th December.


  • We are having some success in setting up new Schemes through our ‘Welcome to your New Home’ campaign aimed particularly at new housing developments. Our efforts in the north of the district have established Schemes in Saffron Walden, Thaxted, Newport and Quendon. The programme will move to the south of the district early in the new year.


  • We have also re-launched Schemes in Berden, Littlebury, Rickling, Wendons Ambo and Great Canfield with the appointment of new Coordinators.


 We have recruited a new Webmaster and plan to completely re-design and re-launch the site based on the the national Our Watch site in due course.