Member of the Year Awards 2016 2017

Neighbourhood Watch Awards

Every year we recognise outstanding contributions by one member per district and across the whole of Essex

The details of the 2018 awards are Here.They are in a single .pdf file to save space on our web site.

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The details of the 2017 awards are Here.

Back at the 2016 Awards Ceremony, our top three awards were to:

Gold Award: Brenda Pegrum Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest

Silver Award: Sally-Ann Judd Chelmsford

Bronze Award: Alan Norman Southend-on-Sea

The citations submitted for these and other award members are after the photos. Click any picture to enlarge it.

Here is the text of the citations, in no particular order:-

SOUTHEND-on-SEA - Alan Norman 

 Nominated by Clive Stewart. Chair ECNHWA 

We looked up the 'oracle' on all NW information regarding Southend-on-Sea, namely the Essex County NW Association website. It says Neighbourhood Watch has been running in Southend since 1985 and covers 17 electoral wards. The Borough is the most densely populated one outside London. There are seven miles of coastline. 

The day to day running of Neighbourhood Watch is undertaken by Alan Norman. No one has such a diverse area as Alan. How he manages to keep on top of all the NW enquiries is amazing.

 Whenever we have any meetings eg ECNWA in the Tower Room or at Police HQ he is the first to say “I am coming” Alan is the perfect example of a hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic NW member. We are delighted that he is part of OUR team and we can find this opportunity to thank him publicly for his extra efforts in keeping Southnd on Sea an even placer place to live and work.

EPPING FOREST - Brenda Pegrum 

Nominated by Bryn Elliott, Secretary EFDNHW 

Brenda is one of the longest serving Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and an inspiration to us all. A resident of Denny Avenue, Waltham Abbey, Brenda has been a leading light since it was launched locally around 1987 Her dedication has remained, even through the change over from the Metropolita Police to Essex Police, and, on top of this, Brenda is a keen supporter of many other local community organisations.

UTTLESFORD - James Briggs Nominated by: Alan Johnson

 James is one of those people that exemplify what Neighbourhood Watch is all about. He is always willing to take an active role, raise crucial issues that need to be addresses, and show great resolve to help his neighbours throughout the Parish. 

 The Steering Group are keen to recognise his efforts and fully support this nomination.

COLCHESTER – Joel Wilkins Nominated by: Grahame Stehle

Joels's work for his watch has significantly reduced the rate of burglary on his estate, especially through his members very active participation in logging, then instantly sharing, any suspicious activity via Facebook, especially overtly taking registration numbers of visiting vehicles, with several very obvious 'scarper quick' vans never returning. 

Several of his members either track or confirm suspicious behaviour or offer reassurance where the incident is proved to be legitimate activity, as an integral part of the running of the scheme.

BRENTWOOD – John Gardener Nominated by: Peter Salmon, Chair of Brentwood District 

Neighbourhood Watch John is always the first to volunteer and help in any activity that we are planning. He is fiercely proud of Neighbourhood Watch and will travel anywhere in the Borough to promote membership. TENDRING – John Wright Nominated by : Alan T. Marshall John works hard to profile Neighbourhood Watch in any way he can. In fact he gives !00% and listens to all, and gives help and advice to anyone, and I believe he deserves recognition for all the work that he does for Neighbourhood Watch. 

MALDON – Mandy Chapman

Nominated by: Mike Rees

Mandy's commitment, support and life-time experience as a serving Police officer have enhanced the work of Neighbourhood Watch in both the Braxted villages, and as Vice-chair of the Maldon and District Neighbourhood Watch committee. 

Mandy has also assisted with the inception of three new village watches in Tollesbury and the Tolleshunts. 

BRAINTREE – Moia Thorogood Nominated by: Clive Stewart, Chair BDNWSG 

 During the past ten years Moia has held positions on the Braintree and District NW Steering Group, including Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

For more than twenty years Moia has continued to deliver 1000 newsletter to her area every six months. She has always promoted Neighbourhood Watch at various activities, and represented the organisation at many meetings. Although she is now the only member of the BDNWSG, Moia still attends every quarterly meeting, and contributes in the discussions of Neighbourhood Watch. Moia is a District Councillor for Braintree, so has a very high profile, which helps to promote Neighbourhood Watch.

 We at Braintree District NW are nominating Moia for her dedication to Neighbourhood Watch, over such a very long period. She is a fine example of what being a member of Neighbourhood Watch is all about, and giving so much time to reduce the opportunity of crime. 

ROCHFORD – Peter Wood

The majority of our Co-ordinators are retirees with some spare time to help Neighbourhood Watch, but at the tender age of 19, Peter, who is in full time employment as a trainee accountant, volunteers for numerous activities associated with Neighbourhood Watch, and recently took 3 days vacation from work to help on 'Crucial Crew'. 

For one so young, Peter has an excellent and commendable sense of community, which deserves recognition. 

CHELMSFORD – Sally-Ann Judd Nominated by: Glenys Jones 

Sally-Ann works very hard for the people of Rettendon and Battlesbridge. They know that any concerns that they raise with her are dealt with promptly and effectively. 

 Sally-Ann helps us feel both safe on the roads and in our houses.

THURROCK – Tony Davis Nominated by: Roger Passfield

Tony has been involved in Neighbourhood Watch for three years. He is a person that if something needs doing, he can't wait to get involved. 

He has helped to put together 'What Neighbourhood Watch is about', which we now use to promote the organisation. He is now putting together a package for the 'burglary pack', which has already led to the formation of a new watch. 

 Tony organises fund raising events, instigates petitions to keep local services and attends meetings with Thurrock Council.

This is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about, not just promoting crime prevention, but bringing the community back together.