Annual Report to Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association 15/01/2020

As we move into 2020 we can look back at 2019 and hope that we have a more settled year, get Brexit sorted, and get on top of knife crime.
Hare coursing, Deer poaching and farm burglary are a big problem in the Uttlesford area, keeping the Rural Engagement Team busy.
Throughout 2019 Uttlesford NhW have supported Essex police and Fire Service, Uttlesford District Council and Partners with road shows, advice and information days. We have had stands at local fetes, shows and carnivals, giving out advice and promoting NhW.
We have started four new watch areas in Uttlesford with representatives from each attending our steering group meetings. We have produced two Watch newsletters and distributed 10, 000 paper copies in addition to many emails.
May I thank my steering group team and the PFCC office for their support during 2019 and wish you all a Peaceful and safe 2020

Derek Giffin, Chairman