AGM and Conference 2022

In 2022 our AGM was held on 13th July at Highwood Village Hall.

Click here for the Chairmans notes, including his address to the meeting.

At our AGM we normally make awards to members who have made exceptional contributions to our work during the year. Due to Covid restricting the amount that we could do , like last year there were fewer awards  this year,  Pictures of some of the award winners are on the right.
The citations follow below.

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BASILDON: COLIN EDE nominated by Clive Woodward.
Colin has moved quickly from being a street Co-ordinator, to being our Ward Area Co-ordinator for the Billericay wards. He is definitely a self starter always seeking to expand NhW. A keen supporter of assisting at events and is a key member of our Steering Committee. A "CAN DO" character who has the true ethos of what volunteering means. Colin also volunteers for other worthy organisations who value his input. A real asset to Neighbourhood Watch and it is a pleasure to have him as part of our team.


Susan is very informative with the latest news, very friendly, and takes the trouble to answer any questions.
Susan has distributed the new Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch newsletter by email every week and it is appreciated by everyone. Susan also delivers copies by hand, to over seventy people as well as the new Castle Point District Six monthly newsletters too.
Her sterling work and interesting information she forwards on to her Neighbourhood Watch contacts is in her own unpaid time and is very much appreciated by everyone.


I have known Bill for at least seven years and found him to be very hard working and enthusiastic with Neighbourhood Watch ensuring that he keeps everyone in Little Maplestead aware of the benefits of being part of Neighbourhood Watch. He has increased membership and whenever there are opportunities in the village promoted Neighbourhood Watch. Extremely reliable and professional and I know I can depend on him at all times. He is a member, of Braintree District NW Steering Group.

CHELMSFORD & MALDON: MANDY CHAPMAN Nominated by Steve Leverett.

Mandy has sought to coordinator activities across a diverse rural locality and had provided a core source of leadership for Neighbourhood Watch in the area. Mandy has always shared and cooperated with the Chelmsford NhW and as such added strength to our combined efforts with the police covering a common policing area.
Mandy has been a pivotal member of the Essex County NhW Group, and with her policing experience and continuing role with the service has contributed significantly to the work of the Watch – county-wide, across Chelmsford and Maldon, and locally.
Mandy has had to step down as chair after many years of service due to personal circumstances. She is heroic in her continued work for the community.

COLCHESTER: SHEREENA KAMALARAJAN Nominated by Grahame Stehle and Peter Rudlin.

Shereena’s role directly addresses the need to regrow membership in Colchester. A placement is also a requirement for persons studying Criminology at the University of Essex.
Shereena has supported Colchester in her role and has achieved all expectations and more. This within the constraints that study and course assignments must come first.
Numbers and interest in NhW have fallen since COVID but an aging team of coordinators has also led to some losing interest. In the case of five schemes, it has been difficult or impossible to recover / obtain the list of members. Shereena’s focus is now on recovery for these schemes.


Alan must be indisputably the longest serving member of Neighbourhood Watch in Tendring, which he joined in 1992. Soon afterwards he was appointed Treasurer for the now defunct Clacton Neighbourhood Watch.
Alan organised numerous events between 1992 and 2002, including The Clacton Carnival at which Neighbourhood Watch had a float and their own Neighbourhood Watch Princess!
In 2002 Alan was elected the Treasurer for Tendring Neighbourhood Watch, a post he has held to the present day. He continues to organise and assist in the various events carried out by Neighbourhood Watch, which are far too many to mention here, and in the later years although suffering from health issues he carries on regardless.


As a member of Stansted Parish Council Valerie helped to setup NhW in Stansted and has been an active member of the Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group for the last 18 years.


In recognition of outstanding support for Neighbourhood Watch over the past twelve months in the most difficult of times.

Kevin Blake is the Essex Watch Liaison Officer for Castlepoint and Rochford, Basildon, Southend and Thurrock.
Kevin has embraced the visibility and community interaction of this role, actively attending many public events to promote crime prevention and the Watch schemes.
Kevin leads on Dog Watch and by the end of 2021 there were 2,200 members, which
saw an increase of 8% in signing to join the Dog Watch Scheme.
During 2022 Kevin is still actively promoting the scheme with several events being planned for the year. Kevin has built strong relationships with the NHW chairs, Community Safety Engagement Officers and Community Policing Teams and Neighbourhood Watch in the South is going particularly well and has worked closely with Alan Norman, Clive Stewart and Roger Passfield over many years .
Everyone in Neighbourhood Watch very much appreciates all the support he has continued to give throughout many years and this award is very well deserved.

Terry Fowles is the Essex Watch Liaison Officer for Chelmsford, Maldon, Braintree, Colchester and Tendring.
In fact Terry has the biggest geographical area but that does not stop Terry from ensuring that all Neighbourhood Watch Districts and Essex
Watch Groups are fully supported.
Terry has ensured in Tendring that Caravan Watch is fully supported and has visited many sites ensuring that they are aware of the scheme and
signed up many new members.
Terry is well known by all his Community Safety Engagement Officers and Community Policing Teams and has fantastic relationships with his
Neighbourhood Watch Chairman and has attended many meetings providing updates and attending events.
Everyone in Neighbourhood Watch very much appreciates all the support he has continued to give throughout many years and this award
is very well deserved.

Paul Harris – Essex Watch Liaison Officer for Brentwood, Epping, Harlow and Uttlesford.
Paul has undertaken significant work in relation to Business Watch and has been very successful in Harlow.
Also Paul has a great working relationship with his Community Safety Engagement Officer and Community Policing Teams. Paul works closely with Neighbourhood Watch in all his area’s and has attended many events promoting all watch groups.
Paul attended the Festival of Business at Hylands House which was hosted by the Essex Chamber of Commence which was a great platform for promoting Business Watch in particular.