Reports From Our May 2021 Meeting

These are the reports which we have received so far  related to the May 2021 online meeting with some notes about districts where the reports have yet to arrive or where, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, little has happened.

Chairman's Report
The Chairman's report to  the meeting are is here, in the online filing cabinet.
Clive also reported that he will email the PFCC's office about funding and will email all when the funding becomes available. There was some supplementary discussion about oddities of National NHW who seem happy to register people not living in Essex with Essex NHW and not to allow MSAs to delete them. As well as a registration from Kent, there have been many registrations from Hertfordshire.

Finance Report
 Mike Hooper's report to the May2021meeting is here in the online filing cabinet. There was again some discussion about how districts are helping teams by using their official bank accounts to move money from awards and to payments .

PFCC briefing
Darren Horsman's report is here in the filing cabinet

Police Report
Jeff Appleby's report is here in the filing cabinet
During the meeting he emphaised his need for feedback from volunteers and subsequest to the meeting he wrote an email for CLive to circulate, saying:-

I am seeking to submit a different article each day on volunteers in Essex over the 7 days from 1st – 7th June. One of the days will be for NHW volunteers. I need at least two volunteers from NHW to answer each of the questions below and return to me with a photograph (reasonably good quality) with a suitable back drop.

Ideally I would like you to be one of those who complete but I will leave that to whoever you think may be better suited. If you want to send to a few people and we will just choose those we can use then that’s fine. If they could be sent to me please before 20th May 2021 that would be ideal.

Questions for volunteer articles.

If you could start by just a few lines about yourself:

  • How long have you been a Volunteer?
  • When and why did you joining as a NHW Volunteer?
  • What do you do as NHW.?
  • What do you most enjoy about Being in NHW? What would you like to change if you were able?
  • How do you find balancing your personal Life with being a volunteer?
  • Any interesting stories about being with NHW
  • Would you recommend being a NHW member to others and why?


Stuart Rawlings's report is here in the filing cabinet

Plus, from the Districts :-

At Basildon, Clive Woodward has done further work liaising with Essex Highways and their new requirement for future street signs not to exceed A4 size. Clive reported variable delays in getting approval for sign installation, sometimes very quick, other times more of a delay

Here is Clive's Braintree Chairman's report
Celia Shute reported that their local Zoom meeting had been joined unofficially by a police officer

Peter Salmon this report for Brentwood

Castle Point
John Scott reported low levels of activity, but that a cyber presentation had gone down very well and that people were using an "Interact location" app.

Steve Leverett also reported low levels of activity. However, by splitting the Zoom meetings into two - one daytime, one evening, he now has 30 regular participants. The regular meetings with the police continue and he is getting some good frredback about information that his members have passed on to them. Sadly drug dealing seems to have spread to the green leafy suburbs, perhaps due to police  pressure on dealers in the city centre,  but the police have responded well.

Grahame Stehle again reported low levels of activity generally, but one very unpleasant situation involving ASB, drugs, criminal damage and probably child abuse where despite many 'phone calls and CCTV evidence, the Police had failed to take action. Grahame is planning to escalate the matter through the Police but Tracey suggested he take the matter up with ERMS who are based at the PFCC's office.
Peter Rudlin reported that some Mersea fishermen are putting up signs to try to reduce theft of/from craft. He was worried about a heroin adict who is caring for his eldery mother and about the need for extra police during the holiday season.

Epping Forest
Mike Compton (and Tracy Grahame) reported that things were very quiet  due to Covid, but there were some keen members wanting to develop their streets. Later in the meeting , Mike reported that a dubious company called Trojan Security had been trying to sell its expensive services in Epping using literature with the Neighbourhood Watch logo and implying that it is NHW related.. National NHW will be talking to them !

Sarah Rudlin reported that she has inally been able to contact Mike, their treasurer and Chairperson, Janine said that she still wishes to continue in that role. There is, however a need for a new co-ordinator in Chrurch Langley. Sarah reported that some streets seem to be working well - I think she menioned new estates in that context.

Clive reported that he has been in touch with Mandy, but has no report on local activity. Discussion about linking Maldon with Chelmsford are still continuing . Steve Leverett reported that there is a new PCSO liaising with him about Maldon.

Mike Hooper reported very low level of activity, but gave the good news that as well as a good meeting with local police, they have been invited back into the police hub and will be able to be more proactive now.

Alan Norman reported that Southend have been busy starting new groups up, replacing street signs and adding some new ones. Kevin Blake has been very helpful updating their members database as many members have died or otherwise dropped out. As a result, the Southend membership has shrunk substantially.

No report this time -Roger Passfield is not in the best of health.

Derek reported a very low level of activity due to Covid, but two new Watch areas have been created - he thanked Clive for his help with this. The Police Rural Engagement Team have been very active locally.