Reports From Our January 2021 Meeting

These are the reports which we have received so far  related to the January 2021 online meeting with some notes about districts where the reports have yet to arrive.

Chairman's Report
Tha Chairman's reports both to and from the meeting are in the online filing cabinet. The link above points to Clive's report FROM the meeting and includes an update from Clive Woodward about signs. on street lamps.

Finance Report
The above link is to the November report. At the meeting, Mike Hooper reported minimal numbers of transactions in the last two months. Clive Stewart drew the meeting's attention to the way that Braintree District is helping move funds for the Zoom meetings.

PFCC briefing
So far, the above link is to the November report. At the meeting, Darren Horseman gave a review of the many activites carried out by the PFCC and his team and undertook to provide a report

Plus, from the Districts (click where underlined)::-

At Basildon, Clive Woodward had also had done some important work concerning street signs, following an unexpected demand from Essex Highways that all future signs on street furniture should be no more than A4 size. Shortly after the meeting Essex Highways agreed that we could use up our existing stoks of street signs before moving to the smaller A4 size, such are used in Braintree



Castle Point
John Scott reported at the meeting that he is putting new street signs up and has documented the locations of all the existing ones using Google Maps and Streetview.

He has invited his contacts to enrol with National NHW but found little enthusiasm for this.


Steve Leverett reported that he is still attending the monthly tasking meetings with the police. He even has two Specials with a particular focus on NHW. There are some Whatsapp groups with both police and NHW members.

Graham reported a threat to member numbers as the teachers on his team haven't been available, so he is putting in extra work to compensate. He has also encountered difficulty getting local facebook group membership cross-referenced to NHW membership.
The new Wivenhoe group has grown to 25 members.
He heard that recruitment  in one housing complex has been difficult as potential members have been scared off by drug dealers.

Over at Mersea Island, Peter Rudlin reported that the island had been having too many visitors failing to comply with Covid-19 regulations, but he now has better links with the police.

Epping Forest


Mike Hooper reported that with access to their police station office unavailable due to covid-19 restrictions, Rochford were not really opertaing at present.

Alan Norman reported that Southend is getting some new groups together despite him being unwell at present.


Derek Giffin reported that the last couple of months had been mostly quiet, but with more problems of hare coursing and quad bikes. He thanked the police for their help.
Deerek also hdd some encouraging news about interest in NHW from new estates, with younger people wanting to get involved.