Reports From Our July 2021 Meeting

These are the reports which we have received so far  related to the July 2021 online meeting that followed the AGM, together with some notes about districts.

Chairman's Report
The chairman's report this time covers both the Chairman's original submission and his notes from the meeting.

Finance Report
Here is the link to Mike Hooper's report to the July 2021meeting.

PFCC briefing
Darren Horseman promised us some notes about the many and varied area of work of the PFCC and his team .

Police Report
No report this time.


Here is a link to the Crimestoppers report

Plus, from the Districts (click where underlined)::-

At Basildon, Clive Woodward has done further work liaising with Essex Highways and their new requirement for future street signs not to exceed A4 size. Click for the link above for his full report.

Braintree - Celia's report was presented by Clive Stewart

Brentwood - Peter Salmon's report

Castle Point
John Scott reported low levels of activity, but that a cyber presentation had gone down very well and that people were using an "Interact location" app.


Steve Leverett reported low levels of activity locally, but some good successes with Whatsapp groups, one used extensively by the police and another 14 in parishes or sections of towns used for reporting specific activities like drug dealing and cars driving around looking at houses. The police value all these highly, as they passinformation to the police.

Steve has also been liaising with Mandy about joining Maldon  District with Chelmsford

Graham Stehle submitted the interesting report highlighted to click above

Over at Mersea Island, Peter Rudlin reported the local Whatsapp groups were being successful in reporting drug dealing activities, particularly around the quays to the police. They have scheduled their first meeting on the style of "Coffee with the Cops" although in this case, with Fire an Rescue.

Epping Forest
Mike Compton reported that the Wheely Bin stickers initiative had been very successful. Police have been producing newsletters for different districts.

Clive Stewart thanked Mike for his effors in finally clearing up the issue of a member who refused to comply with NHW ethics and had banned three members and the whole of a Parish Council from local membership.. Sadly Mike reported that when the obstructive member finally walked out, he refused to hand over his list of 80 members of his "NHW" Facebook group. Hopefully many may have registered with National NHW, Epping Forest may have lost members  as a result.


Sarah reported that she has yet to contact Janine, but she does have a very helpful Police contact that she can call when needed.
She reported a trickle of new members and that they plan to start Street Meets again from April

Mandy reported that sadly the district had lost many of its elderly members, and as a result is liaising with Steve Leverett about a merger with Chelmsford. Mandy strongly expressed the opinion that Whatsapp groups are much better than Facebook ones, as they are more private and unhelpful potsings can be quickly deleted.

Mike Hooper reported that with access to their police station office unavailable due to covid-19 restrictions, Rochford were not really opertaing at present.

Alan Norman reported that Southend is getting some leaflets issued despite him being unwell at present.


No report this time