Reports From Our September 2021 Meeting

These are the reports which we have received so far related to the September 2021 online meeting or a few notes from the meeting where no report is yet available..

Chairman's Report
Click here for the Chairman's report to the meeting.
and here for the report from the meeting

Finance Report
Click here for the Finance Report which shows a small surplus due to Covid restrictions

PFCC briefing
Please see the PF&CC reports which are sent out separately to members

Police Report
Click here for the Police Update which has details of many volunteer groups


Click here for the Crimestoppers Update

Plus, from the Districts (click as appropriate)::-

Clive commented that it was good to get events going again. He reported that applications for installing signs have been going well, with quick responses from Highways and no problems. Here is his full report.

Click here for the report from Braintree

Peter Salmon reported on a lot of activity around Brentwood. including five family fun days. His report is here

Castle Point
John Scott reported only minor activity in Castle Point including a couple of new member recruited via contacts created by Nation NHW

Steve Leverett reported on a lot of local activity .. Their Whatsapp group has been particularly useful in linking with the Community Policing Team.

Peter Rudlin attended for Grahame Stehle. He expressed frustration that there had been no success from Police or Council in calming the antisocial behaviour reported to previous meetings. Sarah Wright undertook to try to move this on.

Epping Forest

Mike Compton reported  that Epping Forest are continuing meetings despite Sue Taylor who hosted them at home havong retired from her position. They are now holding meetings alternately in days and evenings to widen the scope of members who can attend


Among other things, Sarah Carless and Alan Leverett reported on the use of a new recruitment form with the strapline "Together We're Stronger" Paul Harris puts details of new members on the database.
They had concern about the number of members who have neither email nor mobile 'phone but the local residents asociations with whom they work do help by printing messges for these members. They have a Whatsapp group which is invaluable for letting  members warn each other about undesirable callers etc. They recently had a multi-agency event in Harlow town centre,

Their full report is here

Maldon has merged for administrative matters only with Chelmsford but the local teams are still active

To be added

Alan Norman reported on a small growth in the number of watches and the recruitment of a few members referred to him by National Neighbourhood Watch He is asking members with computers to print and drop off NHW messages to neighbouring members who have none.
Southend police patrols have recently been temporarily enhanced  by 20 police from elsewhere to clamp down on anticsocial behavious in several locations. This has been much appreciated by residents.

Their report is here


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Clive Stewart asked Peter Fisk to remove all reports prior to 2021 from the website and to join him and others in a Zoom meeting to plan a replacement website