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Neighbourhood Watch has been running in Southend since 1985 and covers all seventeen electoral wards. 

The Borough is the most densely populated one outside London. Accordingly, the borough as a whole has some specific issues. 

We have seven miles of coastline. Neighbourhood Watch in Southend works very closely with our local Neighbourhood Policing teams, the Community Safety Partnership and Southend’s antisocial behaviour team with a view to making Southend and even safer place to live and work.

The day-to-day running of Neighbourhood Watch us undertaken by a Neighbourhood Watch Administrator who reports to an executive committee comprising key co-ordinators with extensive experience of running Neighbourhood Watch across the Borough. 

 The executive meets on a quarterly basis. In addition to the conventional NHW schemes we also boast:-

A Park Watch scheme covering all 44 parks and open spaces together with our 5 cemeteries;

A Foreshore Watch which caters for the needs of yacht club members and works cross border with Rochford an Castle Point Yacht clubs; 

An Allotment Watch scheme and 

Dog Watch – a new initiative designed to work with responsible dog owners with a view to educating the less responsible ones. 

We run the Message in a Bottle and also Nominated Neighbour schemes.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch in Southend call 01702 420234 or

email: [email protected]

Page up to date as at 07/02/2017

Note that Southend NHW does not produce a separate, detailed report for the Essex County meetings)