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  Interested in being part of Neighbourhood Watch where you live in Braintree District ?

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Braintree District has a very active Neighbourhood Watch, with frequent events and initiatives all aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime throughout the district.
Braintree District NW distributes FREE Window stickers, wheelie bin stickers, No Cold  caller stickers , street signs, promotional pens, and Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Members guides and valid Essex NW badges and  many other items such as 24 hour timers and Defender Signal Blockers.....

We have a six monthly NW Newsletter  with a print run of 2500 households and by email too. IF you would like a copy please email us [email protected]...

We are determined to reduce the opportunity of crime in Braintree District so if you would like to assist or just want information, please send an email to Clive Stewart, our Chairman on [email protected].


Here are some amendments to our member's User Guide.




Active Citizens

We have volunteered to participate in "Active Citizens" which is distributing crime prevention information throughout Braintree District accompanied by Essex Police. If you would like more information contact Clive Stewart, Chairman. Active citizens are also beginning to get involved in a variety of roles to help the police such as the Restorative Justice programme

Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association
Our hard working chairman, Clive also chairs the meetings of the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association, That means that he has to write a report of Braintree's recent activities  for the Association meeting. 





ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 30TH APRIL 2024 At this meeting Clive Stewart was re-elected Chairman and Secretary  ,Simon Attwood Deputy Chairman and Louise Smith Secretary for another year,

WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS-BY EMAIL ONLY  The distribution list grows most weeks which is great as it is  a summary of the Essex Police crime  reports covering Braintree District.  If anyone would like to receive the newsletter  they need to contact me..see my details below.  The  crime reports I receive from Terry Fowles Essex Watch Liaison Officer and  they are very helpful keeping Neighbourhood Watch aware of  crimes so we can do what we can to reduce the opportunity of crime and be more effective in protecting our own property and helping those who may feel vulnerable to do the same . This newsletter is every week for over fifteen years .

 SIX MONTHLY NEWSLETTER  The latest issue covers January to June and the next issue will be available both online and hard copy to distribute early July covering the next six months  . This newsletter’s main objective is to raise the profile of Neighbourhood Watch and explain who we work with as partners ie Essex Police, The Police Fire & Crime Commissioner’s office, Crimestoppers, Victim Support and also Essex Fire & Rescue Service and promotes the weekly newsletters  too.. The last print run was over 2,000 So I would like to thank all those who do distribute them .

 GENERAL ENQUIRIES TO BE PART OF NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH  In the past three months I have seen a  number of people who have registered with Neighbourhood Watch Network ( once known as National Neighbourhood Watch ) and that is fine..However it is important to know that if ANYONE wants to be part of Neighbourhood Watch where they live and receive LOCAL Neighbourhood Watch information and FREE Neighbourhood Watch items they need to be approved by their local District Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator or their local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators.. So when I see these registrations I email them and welcome them to Neighbourhood Watch and explain what we offer..It is hoped that the majority reply as I am  here to be of support and service on any Neighbourhood Watch matters. This helps to increase Neighbourhood Watch Membership in Braintree  District…

 SPECIAL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH BADGES  Over the many years there are often enquiries of what any Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator can wear as an “ID”..well as we all know any “ID” can easily be created now ..So I have created and have available  NEW Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch badges ..these identify that you are part of Neighbourhood Watch and are available from me ONLY..many have requested them and I am pleased that they are so popular.By the way the “old  3 cm “ badges are NOT valid in Essex as they can be purchased from any website whether you are a member of Neighbourhood Watch or not..So please if you want to show that you are a genuine Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator or even just a member in Braintree District then contact me ..and I shall send you a badge.

 FINALLY WE MUST NEVER FORGET Those  who do not have a need for a computer or access to the internet or may have difficulties in communication ie hard of hearing, visually impaired or may feel vulnerable ( whatever their age)  and they may  not know who and what to say to anyone to be part  of Neighbourhood Watch where they live..We are here to give such persons information in a format that they may require to the best of our abilities.. So please regularly advise everyone to look at Essex County Neighbourhood Watch  Association website  and look the main menu and click on  Taking Part and then scroll down to  the video…Please let everyone know that  we are there for them with information to help reduce the opportunity of crime together..

 Clive Stewart, Chairman Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch Tel 0750 8057636

Email [email protected]