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On May 23rd Clive Stewart was re-elected Chairman & Treasurer, Celia Shute Vice Chair, Louise Smith Secretary and there were additional persons added to the Steering Group which was excellent.  District Commander Martin Richards was guest speaker and was accompanied by PC James Draper, Terry Fowles EWLO and Diane Passfield Essex Fire & Rescue Service..It was very well attended.

However a month later Celia Shute stood down and Simon Attwood was appointed Vice Chairman

Braintree District has a very active Neighbourhood Watch, with frequent events and initiatives all aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime throughout the district.
Braintree District NW distributes FREE Window stickers, wheelie bin stickers, No Cold  caller stickers , street signs, promotional pens, and Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Members guides and valid Essex NW badges and  many other items such as 24 hour timers and Defender Signal Blockers.....

We have a six monthly NW Newsletter  with a print run of 2500 households and by email too. IF you would like a copy please email us [email protected]...
We are determined to reduce the opportunity of crime in Braintree District so if you would like to assist or just want information, please send an email to Clive Stewart, our Chairman on [email protected].

Here are some amendments to our member's User Guide.



 General Membership:  Over the past few weeks there have been a number of registrations on Neighbourhood Watch Network , once known as National Neighbourhood Watch, database as people believe that they are then members of Neighbourhood Watch.  So I have  advised everyone that it is important to note that if you want to be part of Neighbourhood Watch where you live in Braintree District that you must be approved by the District Co-ordinator or local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator . Most of the time I have had responses from those who are pleased to hear from me but  a few have decided that they do not want any local information so have been deleted. It is important to know that we are here to be of support and service to provide any Neighbourhood Watch at all times .

Six monthly Newsletter: The next issue will be January to June 2024 and in the next few weeks I am asking everyone on the newsletter distributing list how many copies they are willing to distribute to enable the print run. This will be emailed to all in early January.

Home Office Safety Streets Campaign: We have been invited by Braintree District Council to join the Safety Street Campaign again this time for Halstead . We were also asked what we would be prepared to fund for  this campaign which Braintree District Council would match  and we decided to ringfenced £500 .

Subsequently we are to receive £1,000  funding from Braintree District Council which was £400 from themselves and £600 from The Police Fire & Crime Commissioner’s Office.  These funds would be available to us between 2024 and 2025.   In the next few weeks we shall have meetings to discuss how we are to use these funds ( and our ringfenced funds ) and also there is a  Safety Streets meeting with Braintree District Council , Halstead Town Council and Essex Police in January.

 Halstead Probus: I had an invitation to give a presentation to Halstead Probus and this was accepted for 6th September and it was hoped that we may receive more enquiries to be part of Neighbourhood Watch.

 Steering Group meeting: This will be Tuesday 30th January it is at 14:00hrs and at Maurice Rowan Hall , Gosfield and it is an opportunity for anyone to attend so they can hear what local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators  have actioned  in recent months.  

 Clive Stewart,  Chairman,



Active Citizens

We have volunteered to participate in "Active Citizens" which is distributing crime prevention information throughout Braintree District accompanied by Essex Police. If you would like more information contact Clive Stewart, Chairman. Active citizens are also beginning to get involved in a variety of roles to help the police such as the Restorative Justice programme

Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association
Our hard working chairman, Clive also chairs the meetings of the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association, That means that he has to write a report of Braintree's recent activities  for the Association meeting. 


Weekly Newsletters

Anyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch in Braintree District who would like
to receive a weekly email Newsletter please send your name and address and post code to
[email protected]. Please also state very clearly the Neighbourhood Watch Group of which you are a member.

Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN)  ( once known as National Neighbourhood Watch) database

Anyone who has registered with NWN for their Alert newsletter and states that they are a Neighbourhood Watch member in Braintree District it is important to know that  they are not automatically linked  to receive support from the Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch as they MUST contact the Chairman of Branitree District Neighbourhood Watch  so that they can be approved as being part of Neighbourhood Watch where they live in Braintree District..Please email braintreenwsg@btinternet.,com to receive approval and also local NW information and items.