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On May 23rd Clive Stewart was re-elected Chairman & Treasurer, Celia Shute Vice Chair, Louise Smith Secretary and there were additional persons added to the Steering Group which was excellent.  District Commander Martin Richards was guest speaker and was accompanied by PC James Draper, Terry Fowles EWLO and Diane Passfield Essex Fire & Rescue Service..It was very well attended.

Braintree District has a very active Neighbourhood Watch, with frequent events and initiatives all aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime throughout the district. Braintree District NW distributes FREE Window stickers, wheelie bin stickers, street signs, pens, and Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Members guides and valid Essex NW badges..We have a six monthly NW Newsletter  with a print run of 2500 households and by email too. IF you would like a copy please email us...

Here are the details of our Constitution
We are determined to reduce the opportunity of crime in Braintree District so if you would like to assist or just want information, please send an email to Clive Stewart, our Chairman on [email protected].

Here are some amendments to our member's User Guide.



Braintree Police Station Open Day  I attended and we managed a table or two from 09:30hrs to 14:00hrs..And it was a success in such we handed out information and promotional pens..BUT it was really for the family and their young children so did not expect to have any one sign on..

 Talk to Probus ..Did a talk to Halstead Probus on Wednesday 6th September..which was  well received.. 

Essex Police IAG ( Independent Advisory Group)  So as Chairman of Braintree & Uttlesford IAG ( and Simon Attwood as my Deputy ) we both hope that our members  can publish the information on their Facebook Groups  and any communication with your members please. The next meeting is Tuesday 10th October by “Microsoft Teams” at 18:30hrs for an hour and is worth attending . The benefits I read out in  my Chairman’s report for our AGM and  District Commander Martin Richards did mention IAG in his talk at our AGM.

 Witham I am delighted to confirm that we have a new Witham NW Co-ordinator  Olatunde Biyi   he is a Civil Servant and works full time so is unable to attend day meetings I have known him for some time and I asked him to take on the role as he has lived  in Witham ( for over 20 years)   ..and he agreed. Since Tunde agreed I have sent emails to all those who receive my newsletter to update them with a Special Witham NW newsletter on not only Tunde but also the Safety Streets Campaign and  also showed them pictures of the new NW Items that I received from Braintree District Council..I asked them to confirm that they are keen to continue to be part of Neighbourhood Watch where they live. Sadly very few have replied but I was pleased to see the comments I read from those who are !!! My intention is that after a month I shall hand the list to Tunde but send the weekly newsletters myself..

Ashen The Co-ordinator has resigned after many years..well he is not been on good health and I have known him for over twenty years.  In fact a year ago he was awarded a Certficate of Appreciation for all his years for managing Neighbourhood Watch. I have arranged for a notice to be placed on the village notice boards and on their Facebook Group asking for someone to take on the role. I still have one contact in the village who receives my newsletter ..

Finchingfield  I am expecting £100 from the Parish Council soon which is great as it will cover many NW items that I have handed over. In fact the new Co-ordinator called at my home and was very pleased to be given so much information and items…This is great news as we did have a Scheme many years ago.

Wethersfield The good news is my contact in the village wants to increase the number of six monthly newsletters 160 ..and that is great..But sadly no one wants to create a village scheme or be a Co-ordinator ..but that’s fine with me.

Halstead  As you know I am part of the Safety Street Funding Group and the next area is Halstead..We have ringfenced £500 towards this campaign  and Braintree District Council are matching that funding. In my Treasurer’s report you will see that I have already purchased items and starting my campaign .

National Neighbourhood Watch..Some but not many Co-ordinators in Braintree  have registered with National NW  and  receive every so often newsletters and invitations to attend Co-ordinators training sessions..which is entirely your choice. I ack that National NW bring to the attention to all in the UK what Neighbourhood Watch is all about and do it very well . However  they do encourage people to create schemes where they live and give ideas on what to hand out and in fact sell NW items ie street signs with a new NW logo ( see my next comment) at £6 information packages to help promote your schemes.. BUT  sadly they do not make it very clear ( and this was asked of them by ECNWA  to action many months ago and they agreed to do it ) is to advise any possible Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators that in Essex if you want have such a role you MUST be approved by your local District Co-ordinator via your local Neighbourhood Watch Association.  

Braintree District NW Co-ordinators  list to Essex Police.. Many years ago I was asked to give a list of Braintree District NW Co-ordinators and now after two years it has taken me quite a few weeks to update the list for PC James Draper and EWLO Terry Fowles they both appreciated receiving it as they replied with many thanks . I shall update it again in six months time

 Essex Police Inspectors Tours.. Yes Simon Attwood and I managed a table in Braintree Police Station  Open day on 15th August and he was good company.  It really was a great day for families and their children  .Sadly we did not have any volunteers for either  Halstead or Witham despite my sending out over 40 emails ….an opportunity missed….

 Clive Stewart..Chairman.. Braintree District NW 12TH September   2023


Photo of the Braintree Team

Photo fo Clive Stewart, Chairman

Active Citizens
We have volunteered to participate in "Active Citizens" which is distributing crime prevention information throughout Braintree District accompanied by Essex Police. If you would like more information contact Clive Stewart, Chairman. Active citizens are also beginning to get involved in a variety of roles to help the police such as the Restorative Justice programme

Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association
Our hard working chairman, Clive also chairs the meetings of the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association, That means that he has to write a report of Braintree's recent activities  for the Association meeting. Here is his March 2023 Report

Clive also shares the Essex Association's role in liaising with the National Neighbourhood Watch team.

Weekly Newsletters

Anyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch in Braintree District who would like
to receive a weekly Newsletter please send your name and address and postal code to
[email protected]. Please also state very clearly the Neighbourhood Watch Group of which you are a member.

Six Monthly Newsletters
Here is our latest Six Montly newsletter

National Database

Anyone who has registered with National Neighbourhood Watch for their Alert newsletter and stated that they are a Neighbourhood Watch member in Braintree District isn't automatically linked in to receive support from their local group. They MUST contact the Chairman of Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association so that they can be connected to their local team.