Brentwood District Report To ECNWA Meeting 12th January 2021

Peter Salmon reports on events prior to 12 th January 2021 as follows:
Obviously still mainly working on line but following a Facebook comment about
Residents walking/jogging around dusk, wearing dark clothes and accidents
nearly happening we were able to hand out Reflective Armbands at a short
session outside the local shops.
We supported “Brake” on line during their Road Safety Week raising awareness
We are lucky in Brentwood that we have Colin Freeman who sends out weekly
emails to all members covering a Blog/Crime Prevention Advice
Took part in an online meeting with our EWLO and Co-ordinator in Navestock to
update plans to combat Fly Tipping in the area.
Attended on line meetings with Crimestoppers, our Community Safety
Partnership and our Council for Voluntary Services
Had on line training from CYP First relating to Gangs, County Lines, Child
Exploitation etc.
Been asked to participate in Brentwood Councils’ new Health & Wellbeing Board

One of Peter's co-ordinators, Peter Fisk, also reported that Jeff Appleby has sent him around 200 postcard sized flyers for the "After Dark" campaign. He has been adapting his daily exercise to walk around his village at dusk, putting the postcards through letterboxes of houses that had no visible lighting.  Where houses also had recycling bins left out all day,  Peter added a note recommending that householders make arrangements to get the bins hidden as they are a sure advertisement that the house is unoccupied.