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Clive Stewart Castle Point District Co-ordinator writes:-

Since the early weeks of October 2021 I took up the reins as District Co-ordinator  of Castle Point District  Neighbourhood Watch. 

Since then I created a weekly Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch weekly newsletter ..yes  every week..including Bank Holidays and also Christmas and  New Year.

Now more than  one hundred and forty people living in Castle Point District receive it as well as those Co-ordinators who email to their NW members..

The response has been amazing especially  as I also created a six monthly newsletter  which is now being distributed to over 4,500  !!!

Over the many months I was delighted to hear from  many who wanted to be part of  their  local Neighbourhood Watch again and be  Co-ordinators too.

These Co-ordinators distribute whatever information they receive  from myself which is from reliable  sources eg The Police Fire & Crime Commissioner's Office , Essex Police, Crimestoppers, Essex Fire & Rescue Service and Victim Support  as they all work with Neighbourhood Watch to reduce the opportunity of crime ... 

May I give  very special thanks to Christopher Dolley for His Support for Neighbourhood Watch

In October 2021 I spoke to Christopher Dolley, who has  an excellent website , and he  agreed to raise the profile of Neighbourhood  Watch.
With his assistance we have been able to build up the membership  and it is very much appreciated.
I am willing to work with him to keep our community safe.
This is from Christopher for the those in Castle Point District.

    “Do you Love the street you are in?”
    For Castle Point there is a website: 
     It's purpose is to help promote a connected community throughout the Castle Point area.
    There is a lot of local useful information and advice.
    Also on the website are great suggestions on how to get connected and involved with your local community. 

My role as Castle Point Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is to keep you up to date with Neighbourhood Watch information and supply you with NW items too eg window stickers, wheelie bin stickers, No Cold caller stickers, members guides and valid NW members badges, and many other items too. All free....

You may like to know that the weekly  newsletter is a summary of the Essex Police crime reports that I receive each week plus Neighbourhood Watch  information too. 

Essex Chief Constable Mr. B .J Harrington has told me that he wants to see an increase in Neighbourhood Watch  throughout Essex and also more street signs to be placed on appropriate posts as he believes that they do help to  reduce crime, so maybe I can help you with that ? Please contact me ...

Finally I was advised by many who replied to my email in October 2021 that they remember having newsletters to distribute and they collected them  from the Castle Point Borough Council Offices. 

Well I brought them back but they are now delivered to your door by Neighbourhood Watch  .....

So thank you all again. 

Finally if you know of anyone who is interested in being part of Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch please  ask them to send me their full name and postal address to [email protected]

Regards Clive Stewart Castle Point District Co-ordinator



I have been managing this District since October 2021 and each week .

There is always a Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch newsletter which is a summary of the crime report from Kevin Blake ( Essex Watch Liaison Officer).

This has been very well received and many compliments are sent to me each week.

In the newsletter are also promotions of Neighbourhood Watch items eg Special screws to protect vehicle’s registration plates, Defender Signal Blockers , purse bells, contactless  card protector wallets, promotional pens and much more and I receive “orders” every week as they are FREE!!!!.

Due to the excellent Castle Point District NW Facebook Group , which is managed by John Metcalfe,  I  am often asked for the weekly newsletter to be sent to new people directly .

The membership has grown month on month which is really great  and one reason is the support of Castle Point Borough Council as well as Essex Police.

Over the many months   Zoom meetings ( at a time to suit anyone )  are offered to all of those who are keen  to know of any updates on the Castle Point District NW set up. But no one is really wanting to attend I make sure that they are kept up to date within the weekly newsletter.

It is now 1st December so I am creating a six monthly newsletter which will be by email as well as hard copies from January 2024..

In this issue there  is an article from Essex Police Castle Point & Rochford District Commander Chief Inspector Paul Hogan.

In the next few weeks I  hope to hear from anyone who is willing to deliver locally hard copies so I can go to print as the last six monthly issue had a print run was 4,500.

Finally if anyone would like to have any Neighbourhood Watch items eg window stickers, No cold caller stickers, wheelie bin stickers, Essex County NW Members guides, promotional pens, Defender Signal blockers and much more all they have to do is email [email protected] with their full name and postal address.