Epping Forest District January 2021

On 12th January, Mike Compton reported as follows:

We  now have Lead Coordinators (LC) for each of the three Districts of Chigwell:-
an LC for Nazeing Town (complementary to the current one in Upper Nazeing),
2 LCs for Roydon and two new groups in Epping. 
All are hampered, as we all are, by the restrictions on abilities to reach out to search out new recruits. 

A major source of concern in the past year has been the situation in which a person who was on the National List applied to become a registered NW member in our District.  Whilst having a CV which purported to show a pillar of the community, that person had a very different reputation locally and we refused to accept the application.  The reason for mentioning this is that our Constitution does not deal with applications at all and I believe that this should be corrected. I would be grateful if any of the other 13 Districts who have Constitutions  and who might have some words already adopted on the subject could let me know, in confidence, what that wording might be.