Epping Forest District Neighbourhood Watch

The Epping Forest Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group Committee is made up of experienced Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators who believe Neighbourhood Watch has three main tasks.

1. To ensure as many people as possible are aware of the basic security precautions necessary to keep themselves and their property safe.

2. To inform them of any recent crimes that have taken place in their area so they can be on their guard.

3. To act as the eyes and ears of the Police, drawing their attention to any suspicious activities or crimes taking place in their areas.

The Committee aims to inform as many Epping Forest District residents as possible of the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch membership and to encourage the creation of new Groups where possible. We are also keen to offer help and assistance to any existing groups where necessary.If anyone in the Epping Forest District would like to know more about Neighbourhood Watch

Our Chairman reports regularly to meetings of the Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association where information and ideas are shared and plans made county wide.

Our contact details are shown below. We are able to offer advice and guidance  to set up new groups.

Debby Rye Secretary Telephone  07902 586650

Email: [email protected]

 Website:  http://www.eppingforestnhw.org.uk/