Tendring District Neighbourhood Watch Report to ECNWA Meeting March 2022


The start of this year was relatively quiet.

We had some problems with our TNHW laptop and our software. We sorted out the software issue beginning of February. I have now replaced the laptop but we will need to look at a cost effective way of putting Microsoft office on it.

We voted in a new Secretary Sue Taylor. (who used to be the chair of EFNHW) She is and will continue to be an asset to Essex and Tendring NHW.

We voted in a new Deputy Secretary Cheryl Watson. She is now sending out all our information to our coordinators and members and has made light work of computer tasks that were a struggle to keep up with.

Our first 2022 meeting was well attended with 26 people and 1 on Skype.

At that meeting I announced that we are looking to implement some changes to our current system which was approved. This will enable us to better comply with Data protection and will hopefully give us a more accurate idea as to the number of our members.

Our intention is to separate Tendring into its council district wards and allocate each Co ordinator a number on a street map so that we can place where each watch is. This will also mean that we can contact the councillor for that ward should we have reason to.

We have agreed with CleanupUK (a registered charity)That TNHW will work alongside them with a view to work with and recruit Litterpickers within the Tendring District.

I`m pleased to say that I attended the AGM of Jaywick Sands NHW where Brad Thompson was elected as Chair Dan Casey as Deputy Chair and Andrea Thompson as Secretary.

We have continued to turn up to some street meets these are a tremendous way for the police and other services to meet the public. I intend to encourage our street coordinators and members to attend these as I feel they are mutually beneficial.

Our next meeting is booked for the 9th May 2022 in little Oakley (nr Harwich)