Tendring District Neighbourhood Watch Report to ECNWA Meeting November 2021

Tendring Neighbourhood Watch held their AGM on 9th September at SAMS Hall Imperial House. Rosemary Road, Clacton on Sea starting at 7.30pm.

Elections were held for the positions of the Executive Committee Members, there were no nominations for the position of Chairperson/District Coordinator, The Secretary was re-elected for a further term of office as was the Treasurer.

Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association Member of the Year Awards for 2020, held over because of Covid, and 2021 were presented.

John Wright who runs the Tendring NHW Facebook group was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation (2020) for all the hard work that he puts in.

David Sexton Tendring NHW Secretary was awarded a Platinum Award (2020) for his work in helping to establish an approved Neighbourhood Watch Group in Jaywick. This had been ongoing for over 8 months and at times had proved extremely challenging.

Jeanette and Paul Henry received a Gold Award (2021) for their 17 years in running a street watch in Kirby Cross and building it up from one road to four roads. Despite Jeanette being infirmed she and her husband deliver by hand, in all weathers, the information sent to them as most of their street watch members are elderly and do not have access to a computer or smart phone.

The meeting agreed to advertise the vacant position of Chairperson/ District Coordinator within Tendring NHW to see if anyone would be interested in taking up the role. It was agreed that if no one from within TNHW came forward we would split the role into two roles, Chairperson and District Coordinator and advertise the two vacant positions outside of Neighbourhood Watch.

However, a member of one of the Street Watches in Tendring has now volunteered to stand as the Chairperson and a meeting has been arranged for the evening of the 9th November to have him elected to the position.

The Jaywick Sands NHW group has had no increase in membership and their figures remain the same.

Since the AGM we have had a lot of interest shown by people wishing to join Tendring NHW. Of those wishing to join we have managed to recruit one new street watch coordinator and another 6 members who do not reside in an area where we have a street watch.

We are at present trying to get an accurate number of members of Tendring Neighbourhood Watch and we are at present contacting Coordinators individually to ask for their numbers.

Our Facebook group also continues to attract more members from within Tendring NHW and to date stands at 127 members.

We are still putting street watch coordinators, after receiving their written permission to do so of course, in touch with their local policing teams officers. This has worked particularly well in Brightlingsea and with the intelligence received from the community and the hard work from the Community Policing Team there has been an arrest involved with the spate of car arson attacks. The CPT have also been targeting ASB in the town.

A meeting of Tendring Neighbourhood Watch was held at SAMS Hall, Imperial House, Rosemary Road, Clacton on the evening of Tuesday 9th November where Adrian Smith was elected as Chairman and Eric Dawson was elected as Deputy Chairman.

The Committee of Tendring NHW is as listed below.

Adrian Smith Chairman. Eric Dawson Deputy Chairman. Alan Marshall Treasurer and Dave Sexton Secretary.

With the election of a new chairperson TNHW hopes to move forward in the coming year 2022.

David Sexton

Secretary/Acting District Coordinator

Tendring Neighbourhood Watch