Uttlesford District Report To ECNWA Meeting 10th May 2022

Derk Giffin writes:
18TH March I attended the UDC Multi-Agencies Event visiting
Farms in Uttlesford .
21st march I attended the Essex Police Rural Crime Strategy
event aimed at reducing rural crime.
3rd May more Farm visits with UDC Multi-Agents.
Amendments to the Law on Hare Coursing with unlimited fines
plus Police costs, a Ban on owning a Dog, and up to 6 months in
Prison. Lets hope the Courts use these powers.
I have started to received invitations to have a stand at local
Fetes and events so it looks as if people are starting to become
more active and willing to go out more, lets hope we have a
good summer and things return to normal.
Derrick Giffin