AGM and Conference 10th May 2023



In 2023 our AGM was held in Highwood Village Hall

At our AGM we normally make awards to members who have made exceptional contributions to our work during the year.

These were the awards for 2023

Basildon: Tracy Kinton
Nominated By: Clive Woodward
Tracy is one of the best local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators that we have experienced in more than fifty years living in this part of Essex. She makes sure that we receive all the vital police information and safety knowledge that residents should be warned about, and she works hard in her own time to carry out this somewhat onerous task.

We have been involved with NHW when it first started (Brentwood Division) and can say that our Billericay Watch is one of the best.

Braintree: Celia Shute
Nominated by: Clive Stewart
Celia covers Neighbourhood Watch in various areas of Braintree and has been active with Neighbourhood Watch for at least five years. She is an active member of Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch also is Vice Chairman of the Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group. Celia is always willing to help at meetings and is a chauffeur for those who are unable to have any transport to
attend Steering group meetings and AGM’s and is someone you can reply on to support the work of Neighbourhood Watch.

Brentwood Glenn& Emma Horton
Nominated by: Peter Salmon
Navestock was suffering from a lot of Fly Tipping and dumped, burnt out, cars so Glenn and Emma started to enrol Villagers to NhW. They also set up meetings with the Parish Council & Brentwood Council and eventually persuaded them to install
CCTV cameras having found the appropriate locations. They immediately also set up a local What’s App Group of NhW members and arranged for regular meetings in The Village Hall with the Rural Crime Police Officer and Enforcement Team from the Council which continue to this day. They have done everything they possibly could for their Village and NhW.

Castle Point: Clive Walter
Nominated by: Clive Stewart Castle Point District NW Co-ordinator.
Clive covers Neighbourhood Watch in Clare Road Benfleet and he has been active with Neighbourhood Watch for at least five years.
He is a very active member of Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch and in the past twelve months he has distributed over three hundred six monthly newsletters and also emailed the weekly Castle Point District Neighbourhood Watch newsletter to all
his members without fail.
Without doubt Clive is someone you can reply on to support

Epping Forest: Lisa Skingsley
Nominated by: Bryn Elliott
Lisa covers Neighbourhood Watch in the area of Grange Hill, Chigwell, Essex and has been active with Neighbourhood Watch for Five years. She has made enormous contributions to Neighbourhood Watch, helping families in times of need, working with street coordinators, distributing important neighbourhood watch information electronically and using leaflets and being available when called. A great asset to EFDNW.
Lisa works extremely hard for the community, she is the joint coordinator for Grange Hill, and also works tirelessly for other Charities, she is the first to assist in a crisis or emergency and gives her time selflessly to the community.

Rochford Alan Davison
Nominated by Mike Hooper
Alan was an initial NHW member some 30 years ago working out of Rayleigh Police Station as part of the core NHW team. Alan is still a very proactive vigilant coordinator in his Rayleigh area covering over 90 households in Lower Lambricks and surrounding roads with our routine notifications, newsletters etc. He was genuinely surprised and flattered at being nominated for this award but if we had more Alan’s in our district, it would be a much safer and pleasant place to live.

Southend on Sea Bob Ayliss
Nominated by Clive Stewart
It must be recognised that, for many years, Bob Ayriss has been not only Treasurer for Southend District but also assisted Alan Norman, recently retired District Co-ordinator, on the committee too and he has been managing the accounts for the district, in an excellent manner. Bob also worked very hard trying to build up membership and deserves to be recognised for all his support for Neighbourhood Watch and delighted that he will be presented with this Certificate of Appreciation from Essex Police and The Police Fire & Crime Commissioner’s Office to recognise his achievements.

Tendring David Mahy
Nominated by David Sexton
David is one of Tendring Neighbourhood Watch’s most valued members, whenever we have an event where we need volunteers David is always one of the first to offer his services. David has been a member of Tendring NHW for a total of 27 years, first as a member for 7 years but then as a Street Coordinator and has slowly built up a very good street watch from nothing. David ensures any new residents are made welcome and are aware of Neighbourhood Watch.
He attends every meeting of TNHW and is an active participant offering excellent advice during discussions.

Thurrock: Marion Cherry
Nominated by: Roger Passfield
Marion has been involved in Neighbourhood Watch for 8 years, although she works full time, she increased Neighbourhood Watch membership within the area. Marion has since moved to Little Thurrock where she together with her husband, continues to sign up new members and coordinators. They hold monthly meetings, regularly attended by 60 to 80 residents.