Report to Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association 10th March 2020

Second Report for 2020, submitted to the ECNWA meeting 10th March

  • Held committee meeting, invited new contacts from new housing areas as well as local resident's associations. 
  • Invited a guest speaker to our meeting from Harlow Ethnic Minority Umbrella.
  • Planned more street signage.
  • Attending more street meets with the local community police; new members given a welcome pack with crime prevention items (stickers, property marking, info, card defender). Using the flag to boost awareness. 
  • Met with local residents to offer them support.
  • ID badges produced to assist with recruitment.
  • Followed up all enquiries and offered support.
  • Linked up with a local councillor to reach a wider audience.
  • Working collaboratively with local police and the Safer Harlow Partnership; attending local meetings.
  • Town centre recruitment event in town centre.
  • Maintaining supplies of crime prevention items that we issue to new members.
  • Maintaining membership database.

Sarah Carless

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch Secretary

Our point of contact 'phone: 07903 567 101