Report to Essex NHW Association Online Meeting 12th January 2021

Sarah Carless attended the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Associating online meeting on 12th January 2021, on behalf of new Chair, Janine Dunne.

Sarah reported that, like most other districts, they have been able to do very little and are waiting until they are allowed to be about and mixing again.

She added:-

Meantime, Janine and Colin have been working on updating the database.

Alan looked into some crime prevention and safety items. 

We've all kept in touch with neighbours. 

We have crime prevention supplies ready to go and give away, when we can. We printed a new membership sign up leaflet too for this.

Mike prepared the treasury reports.

By contrast to this restricted activity, here is Harlow's report for 10th March 2020, just before Covid restrictions clamped down our activity:

 Report for 2020, submitted to the ECNWA meeting 10th March

  • Held committee meeting, invited new contacts from new housing areas as well as local resident's associations. 
  • Invited a guest speaker to our meeting from Harlow Ethnic Minority Umbrella.
  • Planned more street signage.
  • Attending more street meets with the local community police; new members given a welcome pack with crime prevention items (stickers, property marking, info, card defender). Using the flag to boost awareness. 
  • Met with local residents to offer them support.
  • ID badges produced to assist with recruitment.
  • Followed up all enquiries and offered support.
  • Linked up with a local councillor to reach a wider audience.
  • Working collaboratively with local police and the Safer Harlow Partnership; attending local meetings.
  • Town centre recruitment event in town centre.
  • Maintaining supplies of crime prevention items that we issue to new members.
  • Maintaining membership database.

Sarah Carless

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch Secretary

Our point of contact 'phone: 07903 567 101