Crime Reduction Advice

This page begins with links to a series of short pieces of crime reduction advice. They are here so that anyone can copy them into their own local bulletins.

Click on the topic heading and the file will display or appear in .odt in your downloads folder in a format suitable for most office software.

First, one extra warning about internet security. Make sure that ALL your internet connected devices are properly secured. Otherwise if just one tablet, mobile or laptop gets stolen you could be vulnerable to identity fraud.

It has been suggested that co-ordinators might like to run local closed Whatsapp groups to alert group members to local suspicious events or crimes. Here are two files that contain details of what is proposed:-

Whatsapp Rural

Whatsapp Usage Template

Here are articles with advice for individuals, home owners in particular

Initial Attraction to Criminal

Garden Sheds and Outbuildings

House Security

Recording Your Property


Lights On

Mobile Phones

Passwords - Strong ones!

Parcel Mule

Purse Tips

Heating Oil

French Doors. These can be particularly vulnerable to burglary. Neighbourhood and Home Watch have details of locks specially designed to deter burglars from breaking in this way and related financial arrangements. Details of the product itself are at Product launch event 3rd December 2015

  Advice from Wim Remes, Rapid7 "We often hear the question "What can users of a compromised service do?" - If you suspect that personal data is compromised, there are several steps you can take. These are actually the same steps you should consider to minimise the impact of a compromise: If you have used the same password as for the compromised service anywhere else, change the passwords for all those services. Consider configuring two factor authentication if the service supports it. If your bank allows this, restrict the amount of money that can be transferred without additional authorisation to the lowest possible amount that keeps it practical for you. Never perform actions in relation to your bank account or customer record based on a phone call you receive from a self-proclaimed representative of your bank or service provider. It is your right to request additional identification and phone calls, while direct, are never used as a last resort before your account is blocked. Watch your bank statements closely and do not keep all money in your current account, just enough to cover expenses/bills for the next 30 days or whatever time period works for you. Keep track of all your online accounts and manage them as if they constitute the contracts they are related to. If an online account is not strictly necessary, consider to cancel it in order to limit your data footprint as much as possible."This article has appeared in various forms. This one was published by IT-Pro.